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The Lionness

first women specific bulletproof vest.



We conducted an interview with Marine Corp veteran and police officer of 17 years, about his experience with bullet proof vests. He supplied many photos of his personal vests and shared his frustrations. He explained that most police officers that die in the line of fire are shot between the gaps in the front and back protective plates. He also explained how uncomfortable the vests are both in temperature and in fit.

Police officers came to a presentation of our design concepts and reiterated what we learned in our first interview. The female officer stated her main complaint is that the vest she owns does not fit the female figure though it is advertized as a female vest. 


With a team of three, our goal is to design and build an amour for the torso that can withstand a 9mm and reduce gunshot pain effectively. The design will be created with the use of thin materials and nanotechnology to provide discreetness and maximum comfort , with women’s specific needs in mind. The design willl be available to female officers of the law enforcement or female public figures/politicians who are in need of daily protection.

Ideation and Prototype

Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 12.28.06 PM.png

Final Concept


Team - Defne Öztürk, Halle Wilson and Myself